Welcome to Sweet Tea Cooking!!

Grandma and me at her bday party

Grandma and me at her birthday party about 7 years ago.

Welcome to Sweet Tea Cooking! At Sweet Tea we’re going to discover family recipes, a little family history, and crack into some cool memories that are associated with the dishes that we’ll be cooking.

Some of my favorite memories from childhood involved the whole family going over to my grandparent’s house on holidays and we’d run into the kitchen to give Grandma a hug and a kiss while she was finishing up the cooking. She would make the tea last and that smell of black tea brewing on the stovetop stood out from all of the other great food. I would love when it was served it was still kind of hot but poured over a glass full of ice. I don’t remember a meal where sweet tea wasn’t served hence the name of this blog being Sweet Tea Cooking.

Today would have been my Grandma’s birthday so in honor of her I thought this would be the perfect day to launch Sweet Tea Cooking. The look of the blog and profiles will be changing over the course of the next few weeks but I will be adding content fairly regularly. Be sure to follow Sweet Tea Cooking on Facebook (Sweet Tea Cooking), Twitter (@SweetTeaCooking), Instagram (Sweet_Tea_Cooking), Pinterest (Sweet Tea Cooking) and right here on the blog!


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