How Will Sweet Tea Cooking Work?

So you may be wondering how Sweet Tea Cooking will work. I’ve always envied good cooks and I enjoy cooking but I am by no means going to tell anyone else how to cook! I need all of the help that I can get. Let me share with you two of my earliest memories of cooking (and some favorite stories for my Mom) and you’ll see what I mean.

The first involves one of my first times actually cooking. I was in about 3rd grade and we had to write an explanatory essay detailing the steps of how to do something. I decided that I wanted to write about fixing dinner on a Saturday night for my family. I was going to make soup (canned-still my specialty), salad, and grilled cheese. I fixed the salad and cut everything way too big, something that I’m still guilty of to this day. Heated up the soup, can’t mess that up thanks to Campbell’s. Then I moved on to fix the sandwiches and by this time I was hungry so I cranked up the burner to get these sandwiches cooked really quickly. Well it REALLY worked because these sandwiches were well done almost instantly and the smoke alarm went off. That’s when my Dad gets up off of the couch and says “It sounds like dinner is done”. This was the start of bad habit that I’m still guilty of. TJ’s always telling me that I have the burner too hot and the smoke alarm in my parent’s house was basically the dinner bell for many years. I am proud to say that I have not set off a smoke alarm in many years!!

burnt grilled cheese

Not my grilled cheese but you get the idea

The second story goes back even further than that. I was probably about 5 years old and my brother about 3. Both of my parent’s were very sick with the flu or some similar illness. My brother and I were playing, behaving as perfect angels as usual and Matt tells me that he’s hungry. Well I knew better than to try and fix anything myself but I knew mom and dad were sick so they should rest. I did what I figured was the best option for everyone involved. I called my grandma to tell her that we were hungry and mom and dad were sick so she should come over to cook for us. So even at the ripe old age of 5 I knew that if you want a good meal, you better pick up a phone and order it!

For years I have wanted to get the recipes to some of the dishes that my grandma and family would make for holiday dinners. Those are the dishes that have the best memories associated with them for me and some of the best eatin’! Unfortunately, I did not start this project soon enough and by the time I had my first inclination that I better learn how to make paster (more on that later) my Grandma was already showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. The priority shifted from trying to cook with her and learning all of these recipes to learning how to cope with what my family was now dealing with. Now that she is no longer with us I am determined to not let these recipes go with her. I think she’d be happy to know that some of her traditions and memory will live on.

I will be cooking side by side with my family to recreate some of these recipes and with their permission sharing them with you right here on this blog. I have also reached out to extended family and friends that may be willing to share any of their family recipes with me. If you have any recipes or stories that you’d like to share please let me know! I would love to document as many of these recipes as possible. For those top secret family recipes that are being shared with me but not on the blog I’ll still be posting the family story and why this recipe means so much to the guest cook. We’re going to get some good stories out into the world!

I’d like to thank everyone in advance for their support and either allowing me into your kitchen and allowing me to share your story on Sweet Tea Cooking! Please remember to be sure to follow Sweet Tea Cooking on Facebook (Sweet Tea Cooking), Twitter (@SweetTeaCooking), Instagram (Sweet_Tea_Cooking), Pinterest (Sweet Tea Cooking) and right here on the blog!


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