#fangirlFriday- Joy the Baker


Joy the Baker from her Kitchen Tour with The Kitchen in August 2013.

Good Morning and Happy #fangirlFriday from Sweet Tea Cooking!! The internet is full of inspiring folks and I want to share some of the people that I am truly a fan of with you every Friday!! I am pleased to kick off #fangirlFriday by introducing you to Joy the Baker!!

Joy the Baker started as a blog in January 2008 “out of my downright obsession with brownies and cake. On Joy the Baker you’ll find sweet and savory seasonal recipes, a few cocktail recipes, and a sprinkling of the books I read, and the lipstick that I happen to be into. Food and life… and more food”. Basically, she’s speaking to my soul. Joy has added author of two cookbooks, the host of a web series “Bonkers Awesome” (great name, right?!), and the co-host of “Joy the Baker podcast” with Tracy of Shutterbean (stay tuned for more on Tracy) to her already impressive repertoire. Joy the Baker Cookbook: A Celebration of Butter and Sugar was released in February 2012 and Homemade Decadence: Irresistibly Sweet, Salty, Gooey, Sticky, Fluffy, Creamy, Crunchy Treats will be released on October 14, 2014.

Joy is a self/family taught baker and has cultivated quite an empire! Who wouldn’t be inspired by someone who tapped into a passion that they had and has made it their living? I first found out about Joy the Baker while reading a kitchen tour of Joy’s Venice Beach kitchen (she now resides in New Orleans) on The Kitchn. The article highlighted that her kitchen was pretty small and the fridge and oven were mini. What really struck me was that this woman cooked daily in this kitchen (that looked gorgeous) and wrote two cookbooks in such a small space. Instead of being limited by its size she rocked that kitchen. I downloaded a few of her podcasts and looked up a few other articles she had written for Refinery 29 and The Kitchn…I was instantly hooked! She has such a straight shooter way of speaking. It is not fluffy but definitely not condescending as some cooking/lifestyle magazines can be. Her website is downright lovely, I could pour over it for hours…and I have. It has a minimalist feel with beautifully muted colors that allow the photos of the food really stand out. The recipes that she creates are drool worthy without being overly complicated. In the kitchen tour with The Kitchn, Joy describes her recipes as, “Big. Baked. Unapologetic.”. Isn’t that exactly what you want in a dessert?

Thank you @JoyTheBaker for doing what you do, sharing your passion with the world, and being Sweet Tea Cooking’s first #fangirlFriday feature!!


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