#fangirlFriday- Kelly Osbourne

Stories...by KO

Stories…by Kelly Osbourne debuts on September 25 on HSN

Happy #fangirlFriday y’all!! Today we are throwing some Sweet Tea Cooking love at Kelly Osbourne! Earlier this month Kelly Osbourne announced her clothing line called Stories…by Kelly Osbourne. Kelly has been a fashion icon for years so the fact that she is designing clothes is no real shocker. What is absolutely mind blowingly, groundbreaking about Stories is that every item of clothing that is released will be available in size 0-24!! Can we just let that sit in for a few seconds…0-24! Every person deserves to have clothes that make them feel good and when you feel good, you know you’re working that outfit! I couldn’t be more excited for the release which will be debut on September 25 on the Home Shopping Network of all places. Looks like I’m about to make my first purchase off of HSN!

Thank you Kelly Osbourne for remembering that women of all shapes and sizes are absolutely beautiful and worthy of clothing that enhances their beauty.

kelly in kitchen

Here’s a shot of Kelly in the kitchen just to keep with the Sweet Tea Cooking theme!


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