Welcome (New Friends) to Sweet Tea Cooking!!

Julia Child quote

Julia Child is kind of a big deal at Sweet Tea Cooking.

It has been a crazy 2 ½ weeks since Sweet Tea Cooking has launched. We’ve reached 90 likes on Facebook and are still working to make our home on the world wide interwebz. I want to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm. It has been such a great motivator for getting Sweet Tea Cooking up and running. This has been something that I’ve daydreamed about doing for some time and now it is actually happening! For our new friends I thought I’d go over what exactly Sweet Tea Cooking is and make a rare request for you to share and invite friends to like Sweet Tea Cooking on one of the many platforms that we’re posting on!

The heart of Sweet Tea Cooking are the cooking sessions titled “Y’all Come Eat Now” where I actually get into the kitchen and cook side by side with someone while they tell me about a dish that is important to their family. I still have plenty of open spots on the schedule so please let me know if you have a dish that you’d like to share!

For the rest of the week we’ll be talking food, food, and more food. A few times a week I’ll be posting some original content, other times I’ll be reposting some articles that I’ve come across, #fangirlFriday will focus on someone who we love at Sweet Tea Cooking- basically anyone who is living their dream and chasing a passion is right up our alley, and #saywhatSaturday will feature some cooking video tips and tricks that other people have shared with me.

Feel free to share any articles, recipes, or videos that you think the Sweet Tea family would like to see…heck any content ideas are gladly accepted!

Sweet Tea Cooking launched on what would have been my Grandma’s birthday and we sure hope that we’re making her proud! Be sure to follow and invite others to join Sweet Tea Cooking on WordPress, Twitter (@SweetTeaCooking), Instagram (Sweet_Tea_Cooking), Pinterest (Sweet Tea Cooking) and right here on Facebook!



2 thoughts on “Welcome (New Friends) to Sweet Tea Cooking!!

  1. Sweet Tea Cooking looks like a fun site to this Yankee girl. 😉 I would be happy to share a family recipe from “up North,” if you’d like. I have family down South, and can appreciate the difference in cooking styles. Can’t wait to read your posts!


    • Welcome Crowded Earth Kitchen!! Sweet Tea Cooking is based out of Maryland with family in the south. There’s an even appreciation for ALL types of food! I’d love to feature a family recipe of yours! I will email you so we can work out the details. Have a great week!

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