#fangirlFriday- Weird & Ravenous

Good Afternoon and Happy #fangirlFriday from Sweet Tea Cooking! This week we are throwing some love at the production company Weird & Ravenous. W&R is made up of two best friends, Cleo Brock-Abraham and Julia Turshen. I just watched a cooking video (thanks to Shutterbean’s “I Love Lists Friday” post) that they produced for Honest Co. and it was shot so beautifully and the song is a personal favorite of mine so I was instantly hooked! I had to share it with my Sweet Tea fam right away!

 Lucky for us they have made 15 of these types of videos for The Honest Co and Food52 and they are all housed on Vimeo. Each one has a soundtrack better than the last. I will be adding all of these songs to my “In the Kitchen” playlist! All of the content that they create is downright mind blowing. Their videos will make you dance and will encourage you to cook a few dishes that are outside of your rotation. They make cooking with all fresh ingredients look so laidback that I immediately questioned why I haven’t been doing this all along! I will definitely be making a few of these dishes over the next few weeks. I’m dying to try the quinoa con pollo.

Weird & Ravenous also contribute a weekly collage of everything that they have cooked or ate in the course of the past week for Bullett. There is something so lovely in the simplicity of these collages. I am stunned by their unique mix of beauty in the simplicity meets everything can be fun meets homemade gourmet cooking.


Just one of the many gems doled out by Michael Scott

They also write a biweekly column for Medium called “Grilled Cheese, Please!” which fits right in with the theme of Sweet Tea Cooking. They describe their column as a “series that explores dinnertime by looking at an eclectic group of families.” It doesn’t matter if the family is cooking in or noshing on some takeaway; they want to write about it! They cover “everything from favorite food memories to never-fail dinner options”. It is so interesting to me to find out how people handle dinnertime in their own house. I love the concept of “Grilled Cheese, Please”!

Be sure to take a few minutes to check out all of the cool things that Weird & Ravenous (marvelous name!) are up to. You will not be sorry! Have a great weekend y’all!

Do you guys have any songs or albums that you like to listen to while you’re cooking? I pretty much rotate between some “so bad it’s good” pop music mixed with Michael Jackson, anything on my Otis Redding Pandora station, or some really mellow stuff like Simon & Garfunkel. It depends on what I’m doing I guess. Let me know what gets you pumped up in the kitchen in the comments. I’ll gather the suggestions to make a Sweet Tea Cooking playlist on Spotify!


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