It Came from the Internet- Quinoa con Pollo

It Came From the Internet

Don’t worry lady, I think you’re going to like this

Happy Monday from Sweet Tea Cooking! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! This Monday I’m premiering a post that has been aptly named by my brother, “It Came from the Internet”. Every time that I say or write it I picture the letters written in green oozing letters and a woman screaming like a 50’ sci-fi film. I may have to get my in house designer (aka my husband) on that!

Basically, it will be a post where I actually attempt one of the many dishes that I have Pinned or have coveted from another bloggers site. Hopefully the finished product will not result in screaming women. I vow to be completely honest and post any “Pinterest Fails” that I create also. I’ve made many of my Pins but they are always within my comfort zone. I haven’t really branched out very much so this is where things should get interesting.

For the 1st installment of “It Came from the Internet” I made Quinoa con Pollo from Weird and Ravenous. You may remember it from #fangirlFriday a few weeks ago. I was so in love with the video that I just had to try this dish!

This dish wasn’t too far from my comfort zone but it did involve me using the blender when there wasn’t any ice cream in the house so it was a baby step. I was wildly impressed with the power of our cheap Walmart blender. I thought for sure jamming it this full of actual food would just blow the motor. All of the ingredients were completely blended in about 40 seconds…what else can I start blending?!

Quinoa con Pollo

This blender means business!

This dish did take about a full 30 minutes to pull together but it made so much food that we each ate two tortillas full and had a ton leftover that went immediately into the freezer. I thought this dish had a really lovely, fresh flavor that I would not have gotten from a jar of salsa or tomato sauce. I’m very interested in seeing what other things my blender can do! I also made a cilantro Greek yogurt to go on top which was a nice touch. We use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream so it’s just a matter of preference. This dish will definitely work its way into our rotation. It’s a great dish for a group of people or “eat some now, freeze the rest for later” (which I’m a huge fan of).

Quinoa con Pollo

I’m newly obsessed with peas

Who else has tried any new recipes lately? What did you make? Was it a keeper?


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