Small Biz Shout Out!

Good Afternoon and Happy Thursday from Sweet Tea Cooking! It is time for another Small Biz Shoutout! Every Thursday we feature 3 small businesses that we’re crushing on. It could range from restaurants to independently owned companies creating wonderful products out of a sheer passion. Please show some Sweet Tea love by checking out their website or giving them a visit. If you have any product suggestions let me know. I love discovering new stuff!

I am only featuring products that I personally buy, use, and love. IF I happened to get gifted any goodies I’d let you know up front. Until that happens, which would be rad, this is the stuff that I’m spending my (and my husband’s) hard earned cash on!

This week I’m sticking with brunch theme. If you know me personally then you know that I could talk about brunch and breakfast all day, everyday. All of the items below were served at a brunch at our house last month so not only do I enjoy these products I happily serve them to others!

Michele's Granola

Love that logo!!

Michele’s Granola is the exclusive granola purchased in our house for about the past 2 years. We’ve tried plenty of other granolas but I never really liked any of them. Most of them were made by big cereal companies and the list of ingredients was way longer than I thought necessary for granola. We make a very strong effort to not purchase items that have more than 5 ingredients in them and if it does have more than 5 the majority of the ingredients have to be “whole foods” and not a litany list of artificial flavors and food coloring. From the moment that I discovered Michele’s Granola which is made right here in Maryland, Timonium to be exact, I was hooked and never looked back. We tend to stick to the Original but have been known to mix things up with Pumpkin Spice or the winter Cranberry flavor. Greek yogurt parfaits are a regular breakfast in our house really our respective offices.

Michele’s Granola is a company that cares not only about providing a high quality product but also about giving back to the community. Their baking facility is very environmentally friendly, they donate 1% of their sales to Baltimore-based nonprofit organizations, and they take two employer paid days to volunteer directly at the organizations that they support. This is definitely a company that I’m happy to shill my pennies over to! {pic of Fry “take my money”}

I have been able to find them in most Wegman’s and Whole Foods in the Baltimore metro area as well as Richardson’s Farm in White Marsh. They also have an online store that sells all of their available flavors as well as 5 pound bags that are a great savings. Currently the coupon code FRESH10 will get you 10% off of your online order. A 5lb bag will be showing up at our house soon…it was only $29.69! That would only buy 4 12oz bags in the stores so it’s basically like getting 2 bags for free.

Dirty Don Hot Sauce

Find them and buy a few bottles!

Dirty Don’s Hot Sauce is a tad more difficult to come by. You can get it at Union Graze Farmers Market (next one is tomorrow, 9/19), Hampden Farmers Market (every Saturday), and at Baltimore Free Farm . I happened to be in Hampden the day before I was hosting a brunch and sampled the Appaloosa Hot Sauce, it was pretty mild with a sweet aftertaste (there are 7 flavors of varying heat available) and just knew that this would be a great addition to the egg bakes that we were serving!  It’s only $5 a bottle and the bottle that I purchased was so fresh that it had just been bottled two hours prior to purchasing. I pretty much eat it on everything now! Dirty Don’s is working on getting larger distribution but until then I’ll just pretend it’s my little secret ingredient.

Atwater's In House Jam

Return the Weck jar for a return on your deposit when you purchase more

Atwater’s is a restaurant that uses mostly organic and seasonal, local ingredients, many of which they sell for you to take home. They specialize in bread, pastries, jam, ice cream, and soups…all right up my alley!  My personal favorite is the Orange & Earl Grey jam, which is made in the French preserve style. Atwater’s is the type of place that if they do not make something in their own kitchen they will source from like minded businesses and they’re happy to share with you the names of these companies so show them some love too! There are five locations throughout the Baltimore metro area, the newest one being in Canton. So much good stuff has opened up since I left! Shockingly, I still have not made it out for brunch yet but hopefully TJ and I will change that soon so we can take advantage of their outdoor seating.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


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