#fangirlFriday- Alie & Georgia

Alie & Georgia

pic lovingly borrowed from A&G’s Tumbler

Good Morning and Happy #fangirlFriday! This week Sweet Tea Cooking’s internet crush is on two ever so lovely and sassy mouthed broads that I’ve mentally deemed my BFFs. I discovered Alie & Georgia when I was randomly looking for funny podcasts to listen to during my commute to work. From the first explicative they dropped I knew I was in love. I love a smart, funny, talented person that does not underestimate the value of a well timed curse word. They also dropped a bit of life truth that I would love to put into action, “monetize your friendship”. Alie & Georgia are two best friends that basically built a career out of being BFFs with similar interests. In my opinion, they’re living the freaking dream! They started out making short how to videos for their unique cocktails and posting them to YouTube. The McNuggetini went viral and things just got crazy from there.

They are the hosts of one of my favorite podcasts, Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia, stars of the webseries Classy Ladies with Alie & Georgia where they get lessons in a variety of culinary topics by experts in the field then they create a themed cocktail or appetizer and Drinks with Alie & Georgia which features their cocktail videos on the Cooking Channel’s website, and now have a travel-food show (basically my two loves in one show) called Tripping out with Alie & Georgia and are contributors on Unique Sweets, both of which air on the Cooking Channel. Since we are knee deep in all things pumpkin flavored here is a link to their Spiced Bourbon Pumpkin Milkshake recipe…you’re welcome!

The ladies have done a wide variety of guest hosting on other podcasts and shows both together and separately. Alie will be a correspondent on the upcoming show STEM focused show on CBS titled, Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca which premiers on September 27. Alie started out as a Biology major in college and still carries a passion for all things science related particularly bugs. Just listen to a few episodes of Slumber Party and the “What Did You Learn This Week” game will quickly reveal what she reads about for fun. You may recognize the girls from the insanely popular Comedy Central show Drunk History as the narrators of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. (video NSFW, throw on those headphones)

I am so in love with these ladies! I’m really trying to time a vacation out to LA so TJ and I can go to a live taping of both How Did This Get Made and Slumber Party. If only I could get them to coordinate their shows with our personal schedules…

Well Alie & Georgia, Sweet Tea Cooking loves everything that you do and will be long time fans. I have you to thank for really boosting up my small talk game. In honor of the ladies and their podcast, Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia, what’s your no guilt, nobody around to judge, “I do what I want” snack? Share in the comments section below!

Based on what’s actually in my house that’s a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips on top or an unhealthy amount of Saltine crackers. If I pre-planned, cupcakes or donuts with pink icing…it’s been scientifically proven (by my stomach) that all baked goods with pink icing taste 63% better than goods with non-pink icing.


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