Fastest Way to Cut a Watermelon

So you may have noticed that the large majority of our kitchen photos on this blog have a watermelon in the background. That thing isn’t a cool prop for staging the photos. That is a real deal watermelon. From about June to September TJ and I always have a watermelon on our counter or in the fridge…mostly on the counter. Despite receiving this awesome watermelon knife that works like a champ at our wedding shower, I hate cutting watermelon. It takes such a long time and is so messy!

TJ shared this video with me and my mind was officially blown! This guy cuts a whole watermelon and bags it up in 2 minutes. I may actually cut the watermelon this weekend!  That will be the final nail in the Summer 2014 coffin. I’m totally ready for fall though. Bring on sweater weather and all food and drinks having cinnamon in it!

Have you ever seen this method of cutting a watermelon? How have I never heard of this before?


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