Small Biz Shout Out- Treat Yo Self Edition

I have to apologize for not posting as much this week. I’ve been feeling super run down and have had a migraine most of the week. I don’t know if it’s just the changing of the seasons or if I’m fighting off a cold. Resting up has been a top priority so I can in tip top shape for the full schedule of cooking sessions that I have scheduled this weekend. We have not spent very much time in the kitchen at all this week and I miss it. Yesterday I did throw some chicken in the crockpot with some Kaldi Plaki Cooking Sauce as soon as I came home then previously laid down on the couch to continue my Sex and the City marathon until TJ came home. By the time he came home dinner was almost done and all we needed to do was throw a bag of Basmati rice in the microwave. It was about all I had the energy for but it tastes so good and takes virtually no effort. I try to always have a bag of microwave rice and a jar of Kaldi Cooking Sauce in the pantry for these types of days.

Once I crawled back to the sofa I realized that tomorrow is Small Biz Shout Out and I need to buy some more Kaldi. This week’s Small Biz Shout Out theme is “Treat Yo Self”! All of these places are little splurges but hey, if we’ve learned anything from Tom Haverford it’s…

Tom HaverfordNeopol Savory, Smokery– I have had the absolute luck and pleasure of eating Neopol Salmon and only having to pay for it once! I used to work at Blue Moon Cafe and for Easter and Mother’s Day the owner would get a huge smoked salmon and we’d have a salmon, bacon, and cream cheese omelet on special. Well we of course had to do some quality control and make sure that it tasted good enough to serve…mother of pearl it always did! Neopol is hands down the best smoked salmon that I’ve ever had. I am getting hungry now just writing about it. Now that my luck has run out I purchased the smoked salmon tacos when I was at Belvedere Square last. Fry knows what I’m talking about

fry take my money

Seriously, I’m ready for a field trip out to Belvedere Square. Who’s coming with me?!

Gunpowder Bison & Trading Co. – I first found out about Gunpowder Bison when I received a pack of the ground bison in my CSA box from Mill Valley General Store a few years back. My brother around the same time started making drives directly to the store located on the Gunpowder Bison farm in Monkton, MD. He loves it! You can also purchase their products at a variety of farmer’s markets across the state. Gunpowder Bison & Trading Co. sells locally-raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free, dry-aged bison meat. Many people strongly feel as though bison has more health benefits than beef and have begun swapping that into their diet. We very rarely purchase any beef in our house. We’ve made the switch over to turkey but I do like to occasionally pick up a pack of Gunpowder Bison when I’m making Chili. Who’s ready for a field trip up the the store?

Choux: Ma Petite Shoe Cafe– Choux is located right next door to Ma Petite Shoe in Hampden. On the first Saturday of every month I have “Terrific Lady Day” that would Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle would definately be proud of. I start the morning with a massage at Missi Kibelbek Bodywork Studios (who I’ve been seeing for about 4 years. Make an appointment now!!), then I head out to breakfast so I can drink copious amounts of coffee and read before I head into my usual spots for some (mostly window) shopping. More often than not this means heading a few stores down to Choux for a dark chocolate croissant and a slice of quiche. Choux is also one of the few places on The Avenue with outdoor seating so that’s what first drew me in. Once I saw that all of the food was made in house, I was completely sold. You have not truly lived until you ate quiche for breakfast while people watching in Hampden and had someone deliver you a fresh out of the oven chocolate croissant! Choux also has amazing coffee with baristas that actual care about what they are doing. If you’ve had enough bad drinks at Starbucks you understand why this is such a big deal! In addition to a variety of homemade treats you can also purchase some hard to find products such as Kaldi Cooking Sauces. Even if I’m not eating my breakfast at Choux (they do not have any tables inside) I always stop in for a jar of Kaldi and a sweet treat to take home to TJ.

Have you tried any of these places? Do you have any little splurges that you indulge in? I wanna know!


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