#fangirlFriday- Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean

joythebaker podcast

Tracy & her maj (Joy) are a hoot on their podcast!

Good Morning and Happy #fangirlFriday! This week we’re throwing some Sweet Tea Cooking love at Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean! She is also the co host of the Joy the Baker podcast (who was our first #fangirlFriday feature). Do yourself a favor and grab a cuppa and check out Shutterbean. The primary focus is food and new recipes but Shutterbean also dabbles in the lifestyle website genre as well as providing links to so many articles and websites that I had never previously heard of but now can’t live without (like this one). I tend to check out Shutterbean when I know I have more than a few minutes on my hand because I’ve yet to stay for only just one article!

I truly admire Tracy Benjamin and suspect that there are a few extra hours in her day. Blogging is not her full time job yet she maintains a very popular and content heavy blog which she provides all of the stunning photography, stays active in her kitchen to come up and adapt new recipes, has a full time job, and is a wife and mom. I don’t even have a kid and I’m really struggling with how to keep up with the content of Sweet Tea Cooking, staying active in the kitchen, attempting to keep some semblance of a social life, keeping up with housework, and all of that taking place outside of office hours. Tracy please be my Yoda!! Like Tracy I have a great husband who is super supportive so that definitely helps. I just really need to get into a rhythm that works for us. Tracy mentions on her website that she only makes 2 new recipes a week and the rest are reliable standards that help keep the time in the kitchen reasonable. Her family is also not above a cereal dinner, which I love because neither are we!! I will have to try to cut myself a few breaks and keep a reasonable schedule.

I absolutely adore and appreciate the point of view that Shutterbean brings to the food blogging/podcast world. So many food blogs are extremely family (aka mommy) centric, which is great but that also can alienate an audience. I relate so much to Shutterbean because she has a family but they do not seem to be the whole of her identity. She very much so has her own voice that merges all of the parts of her identity together in a wonderful way. She brings a unique perspective to the blogging community and Sweet Tea Cooking loves her for it! Thank you for being fabulously you, Tracy!


from an interview that Tracy did with Best Friends for Frosting


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