#fangirlFriday- Flashback

Good Morning and Happy Friday! This week we’re doing a #fangirlFriday flashback. I want to take a look at what some of the inspiring women who have been featured on #fangirlFriday are up to now. Click on the link of their name to see the original feature. I encourage you (if you haven’t already) to check out their websites, podcasts, and/or blogs. I’ve had so much fun writing about all of these women and I wish them many more successes in the future!


Joy the Baker– Joy’s newest cookbook, “Homemade Decadence” will be released on Tuesday, October 14. She is currently offering a free print for anyone that pre-orders the book! Joy has occasionally dropped hints on her blog that details on her upcoming book tour will be announced soon and I couldn’t be more excited! Fingers crossed that she comes to Baltimore (or DC on a weekend)!! In the midst of busily promoting “Homemade Decadence”, she is already writing her next cookbook which is ALL BRUNCH FOODS!!! I cannot wait to get that book in my hands!


NBD…just T-Swift and Kelly mixing it up in the kitchen

Kelly Osbourne– Kelly is my fashion idol right now! Every item that she releases is available in size 0-24. Everyone deserves to look sassy as hell and feel damn good about it. Who better than Kelly Osbourne to move the fashion industry in the right direction. God bless her! She debuted her clothing line exclusively on HSN last week. There are 15 pieces available with price points ranging from $50 – $150. I am crazy in love with the Union Jack dress and MUST OWN IT.


Weird & Ravenous– These ladies have not had any movement on their Facebook, website, multitude of websites that they have previously contributed to. They seem to be social media ghosts right now but let’s hope that they are working on some great projects! I am completely smitten with their unique approach to homemade meals and find their videos absolutely charming. I have created a Spotify playlist with the songs that they used as the soundtrack of their videos. It’s such a great mix. I love listening to it while I’m cooking! I have also started making some of their recipes which have been pretty great so far. We made the quinoa con pollo dish in the debut of “It Came From the Internet” and we have their pad thai on the menu for next week. They make elaborate dishes just seem so accessible and I’m all about it.

Have you check out any of these ladies since they were originally featured? Let me know if you have any other people that are worthy of a #fangirlFriday feature. I’m always looking for new people to “gently stalk”.


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