#fangirlFriday- Flashback

Good Morning and Happy Friday! This week we’re doing a #fangirlFriday flashback. I want to take a look at what some of the inspiring women who have been featured on #fangirlFriday are up to now. Click on the link of their name to see the original feature. I encourage you (if you haven’t already) to check out their websites, podcasts, and/or blogs. I’ve had so much fun writing about all of these women and I wish them many more successes in the future!


Joy the Baker– Joy’s newest cookbook, “Homemade Decadence” will be released on Tuesday, October 14. She is currently offering a free print for anyone that pre-orders the book! Joy has occasionally dropped hints on her blog that details on her upcoming book tour will be announced soon and I couldn’t be more excited! Fingers crossed that she comes to Baltimore (or DC on a weekend)!! In the midst of busily promoting “Homemade Decadence”, she is already writing her next cookbook which is ALL BRUNCH FOODS!!! I cannot wait to get that book in my hands!


NBD…just T-Swift and Kelly mixing it up in the kitchen

Kelly Osbourne– Kelly is my fashion idol right now! Every item that she releases is available in size 0-24. Everyone deserves to look sassy as hell and feel damn good about it. Who better than Kelly Osbourne to move the fashion industry in the right direction. God bless her! She debuted her clothing line exclusively on HSN last week. There are 15 pieces available with price points ranging from $50 – $150. I am crazy in love with the Union Jack dress and MUST OWN IT.


Weird & Ravenous– These ladies have not had any movement on their Facebook, website, multitude of websites that they have previously contributed to. They seem to be social media ghosts right now but let’s hope that they are working on some great projects! I am completely smitten with their unique approach to homemade meals and find their videos absolutely charming. I have created a Spotify playlist with the songs that they used as the soundtrack of their videos. It’s such a great mix. I love listening to it while I’m cooking! I have also started making some of their recipes which have been pretty great so far. We made the quinoa con pollo dish in the debut of “It Came From the Internet” and we have their pad thai on the menu for next week. They make elaborate dishes just seem so accessible and I’m all about it.

Have you check out any of these ladies since they were originally featured? Let me know if you have any other people that are worthy of a #fangirlFriday feature. I’m always looking for new people to “gently stalk”.


#fangirlFriday- Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean

joythebaker podcast

Tracy & her maj (Joy) are a hoot on their podcast!

Good Morning and Happy #fangirlFriday! This week we’re throwing some Sweet Tea Cooking love at Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean! She is also the co host of the Joy the Baker podcast (who was our first #fangirlFriday feature). Do yourself a favor and grab a cuppa and check out Shutterbean. The primary focus is food and new recipes but Shutterbean also dabbles in the lifestyle website genre as well as providing links to so many articles and websites that I had never previously heard of but now can’t live without (like this one). I tend to check out Shutterbean when I know I have more than a few minutes on my hand because I’ve yet to stay for only just one article!

I truly admire Tracy Benjamin and suspect that there are a few extra hours in her day. Blogging is not her full time job yet she maintains a very popular and content heavy blog which she provides all of the stunning photography, stays active in her kitchen to come up and adapt new recipes, has a full time job, and is a wife and mom. I don’t even have a kid and I’m really struggling with how to keep up with the content of Sweet Tea Cooking, staying active in the kitchen, attempting to keep some semblance of a social life, keeping up with housework, and all of that taking place outside of office hours. Tracy please be my Yoda!! Like Tracy I have a great husband who is super supportive so that definitely helps. I just really need to get into a rhythm that works for us. Tracy mentions on her website that she only makes 2 new recipes a week and the rest are reliable standards that help keep the time in the kitchen reasonable. Her family is also not above a cereal dinner, which I love because neither are we!! I will have to try to cut myself a few breaks and keep a reasonable schedule.

I absolutely adore and appreciate the point of view that Shutterbean brings to the food blogging/podcast world. So many food blogs are extremely family (aka mommy) centric, which is great but that also can alienate an audience. I relate so much to Shutterbean because she has a family but they do not seem to be the whole of her identity. She very much so has her own voice that merges all of the parts of her identity together in a wonderful way. She brings a unique perspective to the blogging community and Sweet Tea Cooking loves her for it! Thank you for being fabulously you, Tracy!


from an interview that Tracy did with Best Friends for Frosting

#fangirlFriday- Alie & Georgia

Alie & Georgia

pic lovingly borrowed from A&G’s Tumbler

Good Morning and Happy #fangirlFriday! This week Sweet Tea Cooking’s internet crush is on two ever so lovely and sassy mouthed broads that I’ve mentally deemed my BFFs. I discovered Alie & Georgia when I was randomly looking for funny podcasts to listen to during my commute to work. From the first explicative they dropped I knew I was in love. I love a smart, funny, talented person that does not underestimate the value of a well timed curse word. They also dropped a bit of life truth that I would love to put into action, “monetize your friendship”. Alie & Georgia are two best friends that basically built a career out of being BFFs with similar interests. In my opinion, they’re living the freaking dream! They started out making short how to videos for their unique cocktails and posting them to YouTube. The McNuggetini went viral and things just got crazy from there.

They are the hosts of one of my favorite podcasts, Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia, stars of the webseries Classy Ladies with Alie & Georgia where they get lessons in a variety of culinary topics by experts in the field then they create a themed cocktail or appetizer and Drinks with Alie & Georgia which features their cocktail videos on the Cooking Channel’s website, and now have a travel-food show (basically my two loves in one show) called Tripping out with Alie & Georgia and are contributors on Unique Sweets, both of which air on the Cooking Channel. Since we are knee deep in all things pumpkin flavored here is a link to their Spiced Bourbon Pumpkin Milkshake recipe…you’re welcome!

The ladies have done a wide variety of guest hosting on other podcasts and shows both together and separately. Alie will be a correspondent on the upcoming show STEM focused show on CBS titled, Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca which premiers on September 27. Alie started out as a Biology major in college and still carries a passion for all things science related particularly bugs. Just listen to a few episodes of Slumber Party and the “What Did You Learn This Week” game will quickly reveal what she reads about for fun. You may recognize the girls from the insanely popular Comedy Central show Drunk History as the narrators of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. (video NSFW, throw on those headphones)

I am so in love with these ladies! I’m really trying to time a vacation out to LA so TJ and I can go to a live taping of both How Did This Get Made and Slumber Party. If only I could get them to coordinate their shows with our personal schedules…

Well Alie & Georgia, Sweet Tea Cooking loves everything that you do and will be long time fans. I have you to thank for really boosting up my small talk game. In honor of the ladies and their podcast, Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia, what’s your no guilt, nobody around to judge, “I do what I want” snack? Share in the comments section below!

Based on what’s actually in my house that’s a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips on top or an unhealthy amount of Saltine crackers. If I pre-planned, cupcakes or donuts with pink icing…it’s been scientifically proven (by my stomach) that all baked goods with pink icing taste 63% better than goods with non-pink icing.

#fangirlFriday-Nerdy Nummies

Nerdy Nummies

#fangirlFriday welcomes Nerdy Nummies to Sweet Tea Cooking!

Good Morning and Happy #fangirlFriday! This week we’re throwing some Sweet Tea Cooking love at Rosanna Pansino, the brilliant baker from Nerdy Nummies! My brother introduced me to Nerdy Nummies a few weeks ago, he knew that this was right up my alley. She basically took two of my favorite things; baked goods and all things nerd and created a fun video series on YouTube. All of her baked creations are inspired by video games, movies, and comic books. This girl is going for intricate detail too! Her final products are always so beautiful and almost too pretty to eat! These types of sweet treats are what birthday parties are made of! She currently sits in the food porn category for me because I lack the patience to make such desserts. She has made a Sims inspired Key Lime Pie recently that I wouldn’t mind giving a go! My brother on the other hand is exactly the type of person that attempts these types of fun desserts…I’ll have to see if I can scare up a picture of the Witch Fingers (crazy looking Lady Fingers) that he made for Halloweenieroast 2013. **found the pic! see below for Matt’s Witch Finger cookies!

NN Fan Art

shout out to @Tentaclef00 for this adorbz fan art

Nerdy Nummies is a super cute show, she makes baking fun, and hopefully is encouraging plenty of people to get in the kitchen and make some of their own creations. On top of doing awesome things in the kitchen, she is a legit YouTube celeb! She was recently nominated for a Streamy in the Audience Choice- Series of the Year. Nerdy Nummies received a shout out in the September 2014 issue of Fast Company and receives some of the most adorable fanart ever!! I’m totally jealous of the picture drawn by her fan.

In case all of that didn’t make her a BFD for you just peep the video below where she actually got in the kitchen with THE SWEDISH CHEF AND MISS PIGGY to make some cookies for Muppets Most Wanted!!! How freaking cool is that?!

Thank you to Rosanna Pansino for creating Nerdy Nummies and showing us how to have some fun in the kitchen!!

What are some nerd inspire dishes that you’d like to make? Let us know in the comments section. I’m thinking of something along the lines of a “Gizmo’s Not After Midnight Dark Chocolate Cupcakes” with some Gizmo faces.

**Matt’s Halloweenie 2013 treat

witches fingers

so gross!!

#fangirlFriday- Weird & Ravenous

Good Afternoon and Happy #fangirlFriday from Sweet Tea Cooking! This week we are throwing some love at the production company Weird & Ravenous. W&R is made up of two best friends, Cleo Brock-Abraham and Julia Turshen. I just watched a cooking video (thanks to Shutterbean’s “I Love Lists Friday” post) that they produced for Honest Co. and it was shot so beautifully and the song is a personal favorite of mine so I was instantly hooked! I had to share it with my Sweet Tea fam right away!

 Lucky for us they have made 15 of these types of videos for The Honest Co and Food52 and they are all housed on Vimeo. Each one has a soundtrack better than the last. I will be adding all of these songs to my “In the Kitchen” playlist! All of the content that they create is downright mind blowing. Their videos will make you dance and will encourage you to cook a few dishes that are outside of your rotation. They make cooking with all fresh ingredients look so laidback that I immediately questioned why I haven’t been doing this all along! I will definitely be making a few of these dishes over the next few weeks. I’m dying to try the quinoa con pollo.

Weird & Ravenous also contribute a weekly collage of everything that they have cooked or ate in the course of the past week for Bullett. There is something so lovely in the simplicity of these collages. I am stunned by their unique mix of beauty in the simplicity meets everything can be fun meets homemade gourmet cooking.


Just one of the many gems doled out by Michael Scott

They also write a biweekly column for Medium called “Grilled Cheese, Please!” which fits right in with the theme of Sweet Tea Cooking. They describe their column as a “series that explores dinnertime by looking at an eclectic group of families.” It doesn’t matter if the family is cooking in or noshing on some takeaway; they want to write about it! They cover “everything from favorite food memories to never-fail dinner options”. It is so interesting to me to find out how people handle dinnertime in their own house. I love the concept of “Grilled Cheese, Please”!

Be sure to take a few minutes to check out all of the cool things that Weird & Ravenous (marvelous name!) are up to. You will not be sorry! Have a great weekend y’all!

Do you guys have any songs or albums that you like to listen to while you’re cooking? I pretty much rotate between some “so bad it’s good” pop music mixed with Michael Jackson, anything on my Otis Redding Pandora station, or some really mellow stuff like Simon & Garfunkel. It depends on what I’m doing I guess. Let me know what gets you pumped up in the kitchen in the comments. I’ll gather the suggestions to make a Sweet Tea Cooking playlist on Spotify!

#fangirlFriday- Kelly Osbourne

Stories...by KO

Stories…by Kelly Osbourne debuts on September 25 on HSN

Happy #fangirlFriday y’all!! Today we are throwing some Sweet Tea Cooking love at Kelly Osbourne! Earlier this month Kelly Osbourne announced her clothing line called Stories…by Kelly Osbourne. Kelly has been a fashion icon for years so the fact that she is designing clothes is no real shocker. What is absolutely mind blowingly, groundbreaking about Stories is that every item of clothing that is released will be available in size 0-24!! Can we just let that sit in for a few seconds…0-24! Every person deserves to have clothes that make them feel good and when you feel good, you know you’re working that outfit! I couldn’t be more excited for the release which will be debut on September 25 on the Home Shopping Network of all places. Looks like I’m about to make my first purchase off of HSN!

Thank you Kelly Osbourne for remembering that women of all shapes and sizes are absolutely beautiful and worthy of clothing that enhances their beauty.

kelly in kitchen

Here’s a shot of Kelly in the kitchen just to keep with the Sweet Tea Cooking theme!

#fangirlFriday- Joy the Baker


Joy the Baker from her Kitchen Tour with The Kitchen in August 2013.

Good Morning and Happy #fangirlFriday from Sweet Tea Cooking!! The internet is full of inspiring folks and I want to share some of the people that I am truly a fan of with you every Friday!! I am pleased to kick off #fangirlFriday by introducing you to Joy the Baker!!

Joy the Baker started as a blog in January 2008 “out of my downright obsession with brownies and cake. On Joy the Baker you’ll find sweet and savory seasonal recipes, a few cocktail recipes, and a sprinkling of the books I read, and the lipstick that I happen to be into. Food and life… and more food”. Basically, she’s speaking to my soul. Joy has added author of two cookbooks, the host of a web series “Bonkers Awesome” (great name, right?!), and the co-host of “Joy the Baker podcast” with Tracy of Shutterbean (stay tuned for more on Tracy) to her already impressive repertoire. Joy the Baker Cookbook: A Celebration of Butter and Sugar was released in February 2012 and Homemade Decadence: Irresistibly Sweet, Salty, Gooey, Sticky, Fluffy, Creamy, Crunchy Treats will be released on October 14, 2014.

Joy is a self/family taught baker and has cultivated quite an empire! Who wouldn’t be inspired by someone who tapped into a passion that they had and has made it their living? I first found out about Joy the Baker while reading a kitchen tour of Joy’s Venice Beach kitchen (she now resides in New Orleans) on The Kitchn. The article highlighted that her kitchen was pretty small and the fridge and oven were mini. What really struck me was that this woman cooked daily in this kitchen (that looked gorgeous) and wrote two cookbooks in such a small space. Instead of being limited by its size she rocked that kitchen. I downloaded a few of her podcasts and looked up a few other articles she had written for Refinery 29 and The Kitchn…I was instantly hooked! She has such a straight shooter way of speaking. It is not fluffy but definitely not condescending as some cooking/lifestyle magazines can be. Her website is downright lovely, I could pour over it for hours…and I have. It has a minimalist feel with beautifully muted colors that allow the photos of the food really stand out. The recipes that she creates are drool worthy without being overly complicated. In the kitchen tour with The Kitchn, Joy describes her recipes as, “Big. Baked. Unapologetic.”. Isn’t that exactly what you want in a dessert?

Thank you @JoyTheBaker for doing what you do, sharing your passion with the world, and being Sweet Tea Cooking’s first #fangirlFriday feature!!